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On Page And Off Page SEO

What Is SEO

SEO is a Technique which is used by Digital Marketer to rank their website on a given keyword.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality of websites and web pages. As a result, search bots can quickly crawl and index web pages, and site rank will be high.


It is required for crawling the page; without these tools, a website cannot be ranked, and your web pages will not be found in search engines or at the bottom of SERPs.


Google Algorithms- Google Panda, Penguins, Humming Bird, Google Mobile Phone Algorithm, Rank Brain, Google Pigeon, , BERT, SMITH, MUM and many more.


There are 3 Types Of SEO Techniques:

  1. WHITE HAT SEO- White Hat SEO follows all the rule and regulations of Google Algorithm. White Hat SEO depend on hard work and the best quality of work. The white Hat SEO basically takes 3 to 6 Months to Rank.
  2. BLACK HAT SEO– Black Hat SEO does not follow rules and regulations of Google Algorithm. Black Hat SEO follow illegal and wrong way of Optimization. Black Hat SEO is complete very fast. But it is not static.
  3. GRAY HAT SEO- Gray Hat SEO sometimes follow rules and regulations of Google Algorithm and sometimes it break the rules of Google Algorithm. Gray Hat take less time rather than White Hat SEO.


ON – Page SEO refers to SEO factors and techniques these are under your control. During the On – page SEO following things should be remember.


First Of all you should choose your Niche and according you can create a content. Without Niche you cannot write good and centralized blog.


Keyword are the word that people type into Search engine to find they are looking for. Keyword play a very essential role in On Page SEO. Keyword Planner is the top best tool for keyword planner.


Heading Page is essentially for on- page SEO. Heading are 3 types from H1 to H6. Heading have their fixed place. We cannot changed them.


Title Tells the Search Engine Crawler what your site is all about. Title contains 70 characters according to the Google algorithm.


Description play a very important role in Rich snippets. and it tells Google bots that about your article. Description contains 170 character according to the Google algorithm.

Alt Text

Alt Text is also known as Alternative Text. Alt Text is used for describing image so that Google bot can easily detect the Image.

Bold, Text, Underline, Italic

Your Content must be Bold, Italic, Underline, Text. So that page optimization done fast.


The off-page is dependent on connecting with other websites via links. Off-page techniques include creating backlinks, inbound links, outbound links, bookmarking sites, commenting, reviewing, and creating profiles on other websites.


  1. Profile Backlink
  2. Inbound Link
  3. Outbound Link
  4. External Link
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Directory Submission
  7. Blog Posting
  8. Blog Commenting
  9. Guest Posting
  10. Question & Answer site
  11. Local Business Listing

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